Make us a part of your Aromatherapy journey.

For over 20 years, the Australian College of Aromatherapy (ACOA) has provided students at home and abroad with quality education and training in aromatherapy and other complementary therapies. We pride ourselves on our accessibility and affordability, and in our long-standing reputation as one of the first pioneers of formal aromatherapy training in Australia. Study with confidence by making us a part of your aromatherapy journey.

“If you are looking to broaden your knowledge, establish a complementary therapies business or simply for personal fulfilment then I highly recommend you give Australian College of Aromatherapy a go - you won’t be disappointed. Excellent course content, great support and knowledgeable tutors. That’s why I continually come back to ACOA for my ongoing professional development”
ALAN GUYMER - Graduate, 2023
"I chose Clinical Aromatherapy and the electives. At one stage I didn’t think I could get through all the modules and hold a full time job, but Michelle would continue to engage with me and would let me know that I was almost there.

It showed me that at any age you can gain qualifications with confidence from the support to get from the college. Then to my surprise I enrolled in another Diploma. This was an easy process of RPL which helped work out how many modules were left.

So thank you ACOA! My business is starting to grow and who knows I might just find another subject to study - life is full of learning opportunities." -
"I really loved my time studying with the Australian College of Aromatherapy. Throughout my studies I felt extremely supported by the staff who were there to answer any questions I had, and who took the time to give me super helpful feedback on assessment.

I gained valuable knowledge on not only the benefits of essential oils, but the safe and professional use of them as well. I also really appreciated the choice of electives and was grateful for the opportunity to explore in more depth the areas of aromatherapy that were of special interest to me. Thanks so much!

The College has especially enhanced my essential oil blending skills, which is invaluable to me as the owner of a small natural perfume business, Dragon Grove Fragrances. I wholeheartedly recommend the College and am looking forward to continuing my own studies there in the future!"
TALLIS BARTLETT - Graduate; Owner of Dragon Grove Fragrances, 2024
"I found the overall training excellent, the academic information excellent, the practical training above average, I learned what I wanted, and I am interested in attending an advanced training workshop. Would I recommend this training to others - YES I HAVE!"
B. - Workshop Participant
"Thank you so very much for this amazing journey! I can't thank you enough for your support through my studies. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge throughout this experience which I'm sure I will carry with me forever, both professionally in my career and on a personal level."
Steph - ACOA Student
“I am very thankful for my training in Palliative Care and Aromatherapy through your College, to have gained the knowledge and skills to be able to offer such comfort and peace to the client and his family at their time of great need. Aromatherapy is so vital in this area. Thanks for everything.”
J. - ACOA Student
"I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this course. Being a stay at home mum for many years I found my memory was failing me from lack of use. This course has helped my mind and has given me more confidence in using Aromatherapy. Thank you so much."
V. - ACOA Student
"I am so happy I decided to do this course even at my age, I have learnt, so much, and am ever grateful that the time allowed has enabled me to continue working full time and completing my course. My results have all been above my expectations."
Kathleen - Student,
Fundamentals of Aromatherapy