Why Study With Us

Why Study with ACOA?

We offer two methods of distance education...

Tutored Support

(available to students that have purchased the assessment).

If you have purchased both the Course or Module and the corresponding Assessment, you will have access to a professional tutor assigned to you personally.

At the end of each Module, you will find an assignment. Your tutor will mark your work and return this to you with helpful comments.

Upon successfully completing the assessment, you will then be awarded the appropriate qualification -- Statement of Completion, Certificate of Achievement or Diploma.


This option is for those who are interested in the art of Aromatherapy, and not interested in the recognition of a Certificate or Diploma.

You may later choose to purchase the assessment... or not at all. The assessment questions will be available to those who wish to self-check their work, and if you would like to receive the formal qualification you may simply pay a fee for your tutor support and College administration.

Remember all assessment is optional! However, if you need occasional assistance, a member of our staff will still be available to help you.


Practical Experience

In some of your studies, you will encounter 'hands-on' therapies.

The best way to do this is to find your own volunteers, either family or friends.

Case Studies may be required as part of these sessions. This is an excellent way to build your professional portfolio whilst gaining experience and confidence. As always, if you have any difficulties, please contact the College for assistance.

Did you know...? It is common for students to retain their volunteers as clients during their studies and some may charge a nominal fee - and earn while they learn!