Master Aromatherapist and Natural Therapist Qualification 

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Duration: Self-paced. Maximum of 24 months.

This Qualification Program is designed to give the student the freedom to combine two natural healing modalities (aromatherapy and natural therapies) into one master therapist course.

Choose from the standard recommended study pathway course, or "mix and match" from different electives relevant to your personal and professional needs.

Core Modules 


Fundamentals of Aromatherapy


Anatomy and Physiology


Aromatherapy for Health and Wellbeing


Clinical Aromatherapy

Choose two (4) of the following electives included in the price

Holistic Homeopathy

Holistic Herbal Therapy

Ayurvedic Herbal Therapy

Anatomy and Physiology

 Nutrition Coach

Ayurvedic Nutrition

Flexible Payment Plans Available  

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"I was pleasantly surprised by the Aromatherapist and Natural Therapist online course, as it surpassed my expectations. The content was concise yet informative, offering a strong grounding in essential oils and their practical applications. The instructor demonstrated clear expertise, and the course layout was easy to follow. Thanks to this excellent course, I now use essential oils confidently in my daily routine."



"I strongly endorse the online aromatherapy course. It's captivating, well-structured, and full of valuable information. The hands-on exercises and practical insights provided invaluable experiences. The instructor's expertise is evident, simplifying complex topics for easy comprehension."



"The online aromatherapy course made a significant impact, offering a wealth of knowledge in a brief period. It caters to both beginners and those seeking to expand their expertise. I now feel assured in safely using essential oils, and it has positively contributed to my overall well-being. Don't overlook this valuable opportunity!"