Master Aromatherapist Diploma

I found the overall training excellent, the academic information excellent, the practical training above average, I learned what I wanted and I am interested in attending an advanced training workshop. Would I recommend this training to others - YES I HAVE!
- B. Abela, QLD

Master Aromatherapist Diploma


This Master Aromatherapist Diploma is a beautiful and in-depth course to help you on your journey to becoming a fully qualified Aromatherapist!

Course Details

Course Code:


Course Duration:

Maximum 24 months - can be completed sooner

Entry Requirements:

None – just a willingness to learn and passion for Aromatherapy

See more in the 'Additional Information' tab below - or contact the college with any questions.


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4 required core courses                    # of Modules           Price         Assessment

Fundamentals of Aromatherapy                     4                       $249                $49

Anatomy and Physiology                               14                       $449                $149

Aromatherapy for Health & Well-being         3                       $249                $49

Clinical Aromatherapy                                      6                        $395                $99


2 required specialist electives (choose from below)

Aromatherapy for Palliative and Aged Care  4                     $395                $99

Clinical Nutritional Consultant                        4                      $395                $99

Holistic Herbal Therapy                                   4                       $395                $99

Aromatherapy Practice Management           4                       $395                $99

Aromatherapy for Menopausal Women        4                      $395                $99

Aromatherapy for Pre & Post Natal Care      4                      $395                $99

                                                                          35                    $2,132   +        $544 = $2,676.00

Optional Electives

Choose ONE from the above list                    4                      $395                $99      = $494.00

(Note - this fee is not included in the total Diploma price)



The College offers a convenient payment plan for students who wish to pay by instalments.  You may choose to pay for the entire Diploma (which includes all course modules and assessments) or per course.  To take advantage of this payment plan - please contact us on 1300 13 14 72

Diploma -- Easy Payment Plan (all courses and assessments):

Initial Payment on Enrolment:     $495

Monthly Payment (x 12):                  $195.00 x 12 = $2,340

TOTAL:                                                   $2,835.00



The title of your Diploma will be based on which required electives (and optional ones, if any) you complete; for example, if you complete the Aromatherapy for Menopausal Women and Holistic Herbal Therapy as your electives, then the name of your Diploma will read:

Master Aromatherapist Diploma with specialisations in Aromatherapy for Menopausal Women and Holistic Herbal Therapy.

To be eligible for the Diploma, all assessments must be satisfactorily completed within 2 years of the date of your enrolment (contact the College for information on date extensions).

Course Details


Qualification: DIPLOMA

National Recognition: The College is recognised by the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists (IICT) and the Holistic Health Associates International (HHAI)

Delivery Method: Email Download

Course Duration: Maximum 24 months - can be completed sooner

Entry Requirements: None – just a willingness to learn and passion for Aromatherapy

Computer Requirements: Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF Reader

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