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Our History

Australian College of Aromatherapy (ACOA) is an Australian owned and operated distance education college, specialising in the holistic health disciplines of Aromatherapy, Nutrition, and Herbal Medicine.

Established in 1996 by principal Gwendoline Ford, ACOA was founded in order to enable students from all walks of life to study Aromatherapy affordably and flexibly. The college has provided thousands of students, both within Australia and internationally, with practical workshops and self-paced distance education courses over the last 20 years.

ACOA has endeavoured to provide even more for those interested in the art of Aromatherapy, coining the term “Aromathusiasts” to describe our many different patrons, clients, and friends who love essential oils as much as we do. At present, we provide not only training In Aromatherapy, Nutrition, and Herbal Medicine, but also quality information and products within the versatile realm of Aromatherapy. Our friendly staff take pride in offering the best possible service, and look forward to sharing the wonders of Aromatherapy with you, too!

Our friendly staff take pride in offering the best possible service, and look forward to sharing the wonders of Aromatherapy with you, too!

Our Mission

Our team endeavours to bring you a diverse, contemporary selection of industry accredited courses available in flexible home-study formats that will prepare you for professional practice. We are proud of our unique holistic focus which enables both a broader scope of learning whilst simultaneously promoting your own wellness. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering you the very best in quality products and services at all times.

Furthermore, Australian College of Aromatherapy aims to enable our students to:
- Acquire an understanding of complementary health and healing from a holistic perspective
- Develop an understanding of complementary therapies in relation to traditional medicine

As well as to enable our higher qualification students to:
- Develop the ability to critically evaluate and analyse complementary therapies in context with traditional medicine
- Develop skills in discussion and in the written word to further the understanding of complementary therapies

Our Aims

- To provide a programme of practical and theoretical activities which reflect the philosophies and principles of complementary medicine

- To encourage and enhance students to draw on their work and experience

- To enable students to enter the programme at a point which best suits their requirements and reflects prior learning and experience

- To provide a positive environment conducive to learning, healing, and well-being

- To enable students to study at their own pace in their own homes (with our unique Flexible - Modular - Learning system)

About the Principal

Gwendoline Ford, a highly qualified Natural Therapist and Clinical Aromatherapist, is the Director and Principal of the Australian College of Aromatherapy. With over 17 years of experience and expertise in natural therapies and aromatherapy as a practitioner, presenter, accredited trainer and course developer, Gwendoline is aptly qualified to guide you through your journey into aromatherapy and other complementary natural therapies. Her knowledge and experience in these areas are invaluable to those serious about their own career and personal development. Gwendoline's ...
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Is the college right for me?

We are dedicated and committed to the philosophies of complementary medicine and the behaviours such philosophies encourage. Essentially, these encompass a caring, sharing, and supportive approach. In order to impart our knowledge and share these philosophies, we expect our students to embrace the same values and demonstrate their commitment to them through their studies.

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